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ex3700 reset button


ex3700 reset button

apologies if this is not the correct location, since it refers to a range
extender but it seemed most appropriate out of the possibles.

however, i want to factory reset a 2nd hand ex3700.
the manual says, use pen and press in the button on the base of the ex3700.

the glitch is i'm blind, and theres a lot of thigns on the base of the ex3700
that are divits u can stick a pen in but none seem to be factory reset
eg. on the ex2700, the factory reset button, actually presses in the the
other 2 physical buttons on the extender.

could anybody with some experience of this, give me a clue whereabouts on the
base the factory reset button is?

many thanks for any ideas forth coming.
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Re: ex3700 reset button

Its actually on the side of it. The snipped and and re-highlighted the spot on it for better viewing. 


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