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ex7300 wi fi extender


ex7300 wi fi extender

purchased extender to replace another netgear product.  I have a pace router from at and t gigafiber.  set up was breeze through wps, plugged it in and had triple the speed of old extender.  My problem is that everytime i leave the house and try to reconnect to the extender the DHCP router information on say my iphone does not re establish, it stays blank rendering the network useless.  The only way to rectify this is to unplug the extender, replug and reconnect and it then pulls in the router under DHCP?  Any thoughts on how i can get to the point where i do not have to do this everyday for a 150 dollar extender?

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Re: ex7300 wi fi extender

Hello sprago15


Have you done a address reservation of the extender in the router? or even one on the iphone itself?



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