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Re: exentender or ......


exentender or ......

Hello i have a ziggo router with poor power. i want to extend the wifi signal with something of netgear.
But i want to stay on the same network then the ziggo router. the ziggo router has no bridge mode.
now i have a router from netgear on the ziggo modem but some of my stuff make use of ziggo modem and some stuff of netgear router. the problem is then that from my phone i not can reach all my stuff or i must switch on my phone from wifi network i hope that you can solve my problem i think with an extender. i though that thing is simply pass the wifi signal from my ziggo router without other difference info.
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Re: exentender or ......

Hello Schilderehbo


If you have a netgear router but you can not bridge the modem then you would need to run the netgear router as a access point should be a option in the settings to do that.



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Re: exentender or ......

oke thanks i look at it.
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