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extender's wireless network name


extender's wireless network name

After connecting with WPS my extender's SSID is not changing to my existing WiFi network name. I have also tried to connect to it using the default password but it will not allow me to join.Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: extender's wireless network name

Depending on model of your extender, it will create a Wi-Fi network name similar to your existing Wi-Fi network but with either _EXT, _2GEXT or _5GEXT added to the end. This new Wi-Fi network should have the same Wi-Fi password as your existing Wi-Fi network.


If you want to change the name of the extender's Wi-Fi network to be the same as your existing Wi-Fi network, you will have to log into the extender. The default username and password to log into the extender is admin and password, respectively.

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