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netgear ex8000 nighthawk mesh only 10mbps download


netgear ex8000 nighthawk mesh only 10mbps download

I had my X6S connected to my cox home modem router via WPS and was accieving 130mbps download upstairs were my X6S was located and I recently purchased the Nighthawk cable modem Router C7800 which is supposed to be the best unit Netgear offers. I changed my Modem SSID to match that of my old modem so I wouldnt have to re connect everything again and the X6S connected to the C7800 but now im only getting 10mbps upstairs and im getting 400mbps all over the bottom floor of my home. How is it that a 400 cable modem router doesnt get a strong enough signal upstairs less than 40 feet away than my standard cox modem. I dunno if I got a Bad C7800 or do I need to manually reconnect my X6S Mesh Extender to my new Cable Modem/Router?

Model: EX8000|AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: netgear ex8000 nighthawk mesh only 10mbps download

I suggest checking that the EX8000 is running the most recent firmware.


Also, try to connect a client device to the C7800 wifi from the EX8000's location, and see what speeds you get when you bypass the extender.  Try doing this using all three bands of the C7800. If you are using the same SSIDs in the EX8000 as you are in the main router, then turn the extender off during this test.


Setting up the extender again might help, especially if your older router wasn't tri-band.

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