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Re: netgear wifi extender question


netgear wifi extender question

i have some ewelink wifi switches and they are just about out of the wifi router range. so i got this extender and another extender that is the wn3000rp and one is the wn3000rpv3 models. i can connect to them directly with my phone but they will not allow internet. and it seems the switches are not getting thru them to the router in the house so that i can see the switches in the garage.


so it seems to me that those switches should be connecting the the extenders and then the extenders passing thru to the main router, am i correct?  i got these so that i could have wifi cameras out in the garage and around the house outside and have them so i could get better wifi, and for the phone so i would be able to see the network out in the yard. i think i did have them working at one time as they did have both lights on. i see the light that looks like a router is on but the other light does not turn on unless i connect to it manually with the phone and then i get no internet.


any ideas? thanks

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Re: netgear wifi extender question

A couple things. 

1. if you set them up with wps, factory reset them and install them using the installation assistant. That could be giving you the no internet 

2. Those extenders should never be daisy chained. (daisy chain: router----->extender------>extender). They're the most base model extenders you can buy. Extenders drop throughput 50% of what they receive. So if they're already at the peripheral of your coverage, say getting 40% signal, they cut that signal in half. And thats just for one of them. Add a second one in the chain, and it'll be half of that. So you'll have super low speeds and high latency. all a poor choice for security cameras. 


If you're needing more than a single extender, its worth moving to a dedicated mesh system like orbi or MK nighthakw. And I usually recommend moving to the triband versions if you're needing more than one for the dedicated backhaul. 

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Re: netgear wifi extender question

i tried to put number in the products section it did not keep them   the only number i have are wn3000rp and wn3000rpv3 what else do you require?    so this is what i did just now. i plugged them in on the table and the on light and the light that looks like a candle that i found out is the wps so if that is on it must be connected to the router.v then the router light turns on. then the device light turns on and when i plug it into the lan network the arrows turn on. so i connect my phone to it as the phone saw it as an extender but i got no internet, 


i'm leaning on these being junk and even new would not work as described. and when i plugged them in my nvr came up with a ip conflict and the netgear gateway i had open to see the access control started failing and then i lost that connection. so i may have to do a reset on the extenders.


so is there a site that show how to set these up? i may just reset them and start fresh and see if they actually do what i think i need them to do.

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Re: netgear wifi extender question

thanks i do not believe i'm doing that i got 2 of them one for the garage and one for down stairs. maybe that is daisy chaining them?  do you have a link for that site so i can give it a try.  what i want to do is put one in the garage and have those ewelink switches work thru the extenders.  if that is possible i can see the switches on my phone and today my phone will control them but tomorrow maybe not. yesterday i could not control them on my phone.


i was under the impression that if i put one in the garage the ewelink switches would see that extender and then the arrows would turn on telling me they are online to the router. maybe i have to hard wire the extender to the network?

i have a network with network hubs in a few spots around the house for my ip cameras, so i can put a network hub in the back garage i do not yet have one there because of the extender and then plug the ip camera and the extend into the network hub and then the ewlink switch might use see the extender and then the extend being hard wired to the network hub send the signal into the house and to the router for me to get a better signal on the ewelink switch?




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