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no internet


no internet

we noticed some devices signed into the Netgear wifi extender suddently stopped working or we were getting the device was not connected to the wifi.  we turned the netgear device off and then turned it back on, proceeded to log into the wifi extender network and password.  But, when I log in, the connection shows as "Connected, no internet". how do I get connected again?  Thanks!

Model: PLW1010|PowerLINE 1000 Wireless adapter
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Re: no internet

If you have the plw1010 it needs that powerline connection back to the router to work. Basically its saying "yes your device connected to the extender, but the routers not connecting to the extender".

And many things impact powerline devices. 

Things that add interference:

electronics going bad

old/cheap/bad wiring

gfci outlets

arc fault outlets

surge protectors

high draw appliances

certain cell phone chargers add interference. 


So something to try is move the extender to the same circuit the powerline device connected to the router is on and test it. If it connects and works, then its probably something in the power system adding interference. 

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