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not accepting password


not accepting password

I have purchased a wifi extender EX6150 I have connected to my router through WPS but when I try to connnect a device  the extender won't accept the same password as my router.    I pushed the reset button, went through connecting it again and entered the router password.  I've double checked the extender set-up and the wireless device, I put the same password in both places and it matches the one on the router. Why isn't it letting me log in?    I have tried to connect it manually through the browser "www.mywifietr.net" but I get an annoying "Oops!" it seems you have navegated to this page by accident.    Can anybody help me how to get the password?

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Re: not accepting password

Hi JLuigi,


Please factory reset your EX6150 (page 41 of 50):


1. Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole of the Factory Reset button and hold it for about seven seconds.

2. Release the button

3. The extender resets and restarts. This process takes about one minute.


Place the EX6150 in the same room as your router (move it to whereever you like after the installation).
Please install using the Web Browser setup (page 11 of 50)

When logging into mywifiext.net, please confirm that you have no other ethernet/WiFi connections to your computer. Only connect to the NETGEAR_EXT network.


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Re: not accepting password

Hi Nhann

Many thanks for you reply.

With the good information you gave me plus reading the manual again and trying again and again I was able to connect it.

Many Thanks


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Re: not accepting password

You're welcome! glad it's working

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