range extender ex3110

hi. i've just bought this model to help a smart plug in a bedroom to connect to the network. Obviously the smart plug only uses 2g. but whatever i do i cannot log on any device to the extender's 2g. i just get "password incorrect" (it's not) or the circle of doom going round and round. did a chat with netgear (who tried setting everything back to factory settings still no good) who's answer (and i kid ye not) was to swap it for the ex6100 model because the ex3110 is rubbish -:0


any ideas would be gratefully rec'd. 

Model: EX3110|AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: range extender ex3110

Hello parrotperson, 


Thank you for your post. Would you be able to send me a private message with your case number. I'd like for support to follow up on your case. 




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Re: range extender ex3110

thanks.  41219777


I'm  in the uk so I'm off to bed now. guessing you're in the US?  if you need to refer me to someone over here please do  

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