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two Nighthalk X6 Model EX7700


two Nighthalk X6 Model EX7700


I use a Mac Desktop IOS Catalina 10.15.6


I currently have one Nighhawk X6 Tri-band Mesh Extender - my router is in the center of my house and we get a weak signal in the bedrooms and my office (Garage). The extender is in my office and keeps cuting in and out (the walls are fairlly thick), and I have to reset it every couple of days to maintain a consistant signal strength.

If I bought a second Nighthawlk mesh extender would they work together to boost / extend the signal strength to my office?

or do I need to look for a different solution.


and is there different reason why the Nighthalk needs to be reset so regularly?



Model: EX7700|AC2200 Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender
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Re: two Nighthalk X6 Model EX7700

reset or rebooted? 

What router is it connected to? 

What firmware is on the extender? 


When you say thick walls, how thick and what are they made of? certain materials block wifi better than others. 

how big is the home? Thats a key part too.


You can add a 2nd extender. I usually recommend people move to a full mesh system like orbi when they're needing more than 1 extender. Reason why is it tends to be more stable, has a router controlling the system, tends to be faster, and it just works. 

Occassionally having multiple extenders can cause issues if they start connecting to each other and not back to the main router (for example if the main router isn't stable/drops signals)

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