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upgrade firmware for AC1200 WiFi range extender


upgrade firmware for AC1200 WiFi range extender

I got an email today from Netgear to download an firmware upgrade. I reviewed the video provided in the email, it showed that I needed to connect my laptop to the router via ethernet cable to allow the download.  I went to google and typed in mywifiext.local and I selected the suggested website (this was my big mistake).  Long story short the "support tech" called and said he needed to see why I could not download the update. after a 20 minute call which I didn't feel comfortable with, I told him to get off my computer and I would regroup.  He got upset with me and hung up.  This confirmed that I had gotten onto a scam website.  I just wanted to warn people that this can easily happen.  I was way to trusting because I thought I had the correct website.

Any suggestions to be sure I have not jeopardized my network security?

Model: EX6150v2|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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