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wifi network extension


wifi network extension

Hello everyone, I don’t know if I placed my question correctly.

Here’s my little problem my box is in my dining room and to have wifi in one of my rooms

I connect an rj 45 cable ( box to wifi repeater WiFi repeater AC750 (EX3700) wifi is very good quality. But I’d like to extend the wifi to another room next door, so that’s my question

I thought about changing the current repeater because I only have a rj45 port, that’s how I see my extension

( put a repeater

with 2 rj45 port instead of the current one and this one put it in the room,the 2 repeaters

will connect by rj45 cable and the one with the ports will connect to my box with rj45 cable)

can you tell me if my installation will be good and what Netgear repeater to take to have 2 rj45 port.



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