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Re: wireless printing


wireless printing

I have just replaced an apple router (died) with wndr3400.
Apple os x 10.6 desk works fine, wife's laptop works fine except laptop won't print wireless HELP??!!
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Re: wireless printing

Look for a wireless isolation option in your router setup make sure it is not enabled
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Re: wireless printing

You do realise that we don't have the slightest clue what sort of printer you have and/or how it connects to your network - you haven't told us.

One of the most common reasons why network printing (wired or wireless) fails when a router is replaced, is that the new router does not use the same ip network range as the old one, so the computer is trying to print to a printer that is no longer at the same address.

Now - how about providing us with some more details so that we can offer a solution rather than just guessing.
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Re: wireless printing

I have just replaced an apple router (died) with wndr3400.

APPPLE extreme base station has USB printer sever therefore with 3400 support USB HDD so could be one possibilites I may add while we need to find out from the OP if this is true or simple wireless isolation :):)
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