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wnce2001 can't see 5G access point


wnce2001 can't see 5G access point

I have a Netgear wndr3700 dual band router. Using both bands I have used the 2.4G band to connect to 802.11G notebeooks and smart phones and the 5G band to connect to an ipad 2 and motorola xoom android tablet which both have 802.11N capabability.

I was also using a Netgear wnce2001 wireless extender to connect my home entertainment system, which includes a sony blue ray player, a logitech revue/google tv unit, and an xbox 360 to the 5G side of the wndr3700 router.

I live in a two level condominium and my access point is in the lower level. The wireless signal was not able to carry to the back of my upper floor. So today I set up my older Netgear N600 wndr3400 router as a repeater on the 2.4G band (Settings: SSID=ccs channel=11 speed=54Mbps with wep encryption. This is working fine.

On the Netger N600 wndr3400 "repeater" I have disabled the 5G radio.

Both ipad2 and the Motorola Xoom Android tablet see both the 2.4G router AND the 5G router and can connect to both.

But since changing my wndr3700 2.4 band to base (for repeater) using fixed channel (11) and wep encryption my wnce2001 will not see the G band (ssid ccs-5G) it will only see the 2.4 band (ccs).

How do I get the wnces to see the 5G side of the wndr3700 while I have the 2.4G side configured as the base for a repeater?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Capraro
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Re: wnce2001 can't see 5G access point

WNCE2000 is 2.4Ghz ONLY...
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