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Cannot connect to for WN3000RP

I have had myWN3000RP extender for about a week now and have had to reset it twice so far. In both instances, I was unable to access the site without connecting the extender to the PC directly via ethernet cable. I tried to access the same site once the unit picked up the connection from my router again, but the site came up as "page not found". Is there a settings issue that needs to be addressed here or will I have to go through this process each time the unit chooses to reset itself? Any info you can pass along would be helpful. Thanks.
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Re: Cannot connect to for WN3000RP

kKitchen63, I had the same problem on yesterday. Purchased the wn3000 earlier this week and decided I needed go ahead and set it up. The initial setup was quite easy until smart wizard asked if i wanted to check for updates on firmware for the router. I said ok, during the downloading my dsl lost connection (its 2Wire Gateway router from ATT-sorry excuse for a router) and I refresh and got an error mistake http 404. The page could not be found! I typed the site name in browser and the same error message showed up.

I check on the web for assistant and came across this forum site. Others had posted the same issue, so i knew I didnt do anything wrong. I had to contact netgear tech support...foreign speaker, couldnt understand her. She tried disconnecting the wn3000 and resetting and nothing worked. Then I read on this forum that the initial setup of extender u should use a ethernet cable attached to router. Tried it! It worked for couple minutes and it lost connection again. To cut to the chase, I had to leave the situation along and regroup. Unplug the 3000 for couple seconds, replug, wait for green light...take a paperclip or safety pin (either one should work), put it in the reset hole on the side of the 3000. Hold for the minimum of 20 seconds. Wait for the green light, check ur wireless network connections for NETGEAR_EXT, it should be there...go to ur browser and type U will go to the site of Net Gear Smart Wizard Configuration page and follow the prompt instructions.

Hopefully this will solve the problem and u wont have to continue this website volleying. If u have to repeat, delete the network connection NETGEAR_EXT and repeat the same steps. Patient is needed...realize that netgear is solely responsible for this problem. There has been thousands of complaints from customers of their extender and yet they continue to sell the faulty equipment!! Its obvious that profits trump quality with this company. If u still cant connect, probably got a bad extender. U should return it and get a new one or another brand.

NOTE: Once the process is successful, the extender will take a new name. Example: will probably take on the name of ur wireless router with the _EXT at the end or u might have the priviledge of naming it. So look for it! Good Luck and hold ur head high!!!
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