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Change 5G password on WNDR3400v2

I downloaded the "Genie" and had an easy time of changing the 2.4G security code BUT I can't pull up the 5G in the genie in order to change that password to I get to the 5G security settings?
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Re: Change 5G password on WNDR3400v2

You have to go to your internet browser and type in the address bar then type in your admin and password (default is password) and you can access all your settings from here. Netgear genie is limited on router settings. BTW you can change your router password here too but it's tricky. Took me awhile to figure it out. Go to Administration and click it. You'll see a blank area where password setup is supposed to be. Just click the blank area and there you go. I thing they blank it out on purpose for security reasons.
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Re: Change 5G password on WNDR3400v2

WNDR3400 is not extender. It is wireless N router

belongs to root of

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