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Dropping internet but not signal from WN802T

I have a WGR614v10 router (remember a g wifi router) set up on my network,connected to this is a GS608v3 ethernet switch and finally connected to this is the WN802T (a n wifi access point)

So my laptop has no problem connecting to the access point, hooks up to the network and the internet but after a few minutes my laptop loses internet and i have to disconnect and reconnect which instantly gives me back internet. This last somewhere between 2 -10 minutes.

I have set the PPoE to be on all the time on my router still has the problem. Now I am using the router to also great a g wifi network which never has these problems. My wife uses the g (older laptop) network awhile I am trying to use the n. my laptop is a Toshiba protege
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Re: Dropping internet but not signal from WN802T

Hello all o/

Been plagued by this problem myself for a while now (its a sign of age that I've put up with it for so long before bothering to do something)

same symptoms, internet access drops periodically, although wireless network is all there (can still print etc) - a reconnect sorts the problem until the next time.

I've run through my entire network set-up again (Step by step, looking for something obvious) - testing it now to to see if its magically gone (did you resolve your own issues wlabar ? (if so how ?)

Was reading something somewhere else about WPA encryption causing issues, so if it persists I may try switching to WEP.

One other observations I have is that the daughters PC upstairs does not seem to do it (different OS's, adapters etc - so not much help there)

- any body with any stab in the dark suggestions ?
- If problem does persist I'll add some set-up info etc
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Re: Dropping internet but not signal from WN802T

I've got exactly the same problem. My Windows 7 machine with Realtek RTL8191SE will connect in "N" for a couple of minutes, then drop the internet connection. If I reconnect it (the PC) to my other WiFi (G only) it connects fine and is steady as a rock. Likewise, if I disable "N" in either the PC or the WN802T, then it also connects fine.
As soon as N is enabled, the "internet" connection drops, but I can still ping the WAP and my NAS fine. It's as if it has lost the DNS, but all the status windows say it is fine.
I've tried every combination of encryption, including none - and every combination of QoS, IPv6 and other settings on and off. I can't nail down what the problem is.
I have 4 other PCs in the house which all connect perfectly, but are all XP based and don't have 'N' (and like I said if I throttle this one down to G it is fine too.)
I don't know whether it is Windows 7, the network adapter, the router, or what. So any bright ideas would be gratefully received as I'm going mental with this.
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