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Netgear WN2000RPT Range Extender PS3

Hello, I am having major issues with this extender that i recently purchased. I have got this new extender for my PS3 so i can get a connection in a certain room, Setup was nice and easy and had no issues with that at all, then where it all went wrong was with my PS3 i set it all up wired and everything seemed to be going smoothly until i realised that the extender is logging me in and out on a daily basis when i am trying to play online with my playstation and this is very annoying, is there any way i can get round this? The router in the main living room is a VM820 router that came along with my TV/internet package, The WN2000RPT is in my bedroom.. i have tryed doing this on a wireless connection (WN2000RPT) to and i am having the same continues problems on my PS3.. The firmware is V1.1.0.12, if anyone can help me this would be a great help as i am getting very frustrated at this issue.

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Re: Netgear WN2000RPT Range Extender PS3

Having the same problem with the ex 6200....It logs me out of psn, fails to obtain an IP address, or my NAT fails so I can't play certain online games.
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Re: Netgear WN2000RPT Range Extender PS3

Hello tyrel


Does the extender go out for every device that is connected to it or is it just the PS4 that is having the issue?



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