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Netgear n600 problems?

ive been trying everything trying to connect my n600 to my internet. it was working before but i unplugged my router and modem to move it to a new place and after that it doesnt connect to the internet at all.. i went through all the steps to connect it and still the router wont connect to my modem.
in the instructions it says that the "2.4 GHz" light should turn on and it also doesnt do that..
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Re: Netgear n600 problems?

not enough info.
is the power light amber or blinking green>> if yes> unit or power adapter is dead
if power led is green solid and no 2.4 and 5ghz light , then try turning on w.l using w.l button,the small tiny on one the back side or the one which looks like an "eye",u will have to press and hold it for 2-3 seconds and then wait for 10 seconds for the light to respond.
if nothing works, reset the netgear to factory defaults
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Re: Netgear n600 problems?

I just installed a N600 adapter to my desktop computer. It seems to connect fine initially, but then it will disconnect and reconnect and various intervals when in use. How can I stop it from disconnecting from my network???!!!!
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