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One router, two range extenders - IP problem

I have one router and two WN2000RPT range extenders (large old house with solid walls). Both were easy to set up out of the box, however there seems to be a conflict of IP addresses as, in addition to the router (which has DHCP enabled), both extenders are attempting to act as DHCP servers. If I disable DHCP on the range extenders then I can't connect to the internet at all using the range extenders even though both show a strong signal. Rather than continually manually change the settings, my question is - what is the optimum setup for this configuration? Is it best to leave DHCP enabled but make the DHCP pool limited (and different) on each - or should I disable DHCP on the extenders and let all of my equipment obtain the IP address from the router - if so how to effect this?

Also I would like to merge all three networks so that there is one SSID and WPA paraphrase, so that I don't have to keep changing the connection when I move around the house - should this (in theory) work?
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Re: One router, two range extenders - IP problem

1: Try to make the Setup as simple as you can. DHCP by router, no MAC Address filtering, Start by using one extender, WPA2 security. Using the Setup method 2 (connecting the extender to the router using the browser, so you are in Charge and know what is Happening. Hope this will do.

2: Using the same SSID is no Problem, only when connected to the extender or router is not visible then. Also when connected to the extender your connection speed will be less than connected to the router. Using the _EXT tells you to which device you are connected. Normally you can setup the device to switch to the strongest signal.

Good luck!
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