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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

Thanks for the detailed analysis Ondart. I ended up doing exactly as you said, but I'm not using a Belkin but rather a Netgear router. I set it up the channel for auto and everything seems to be working much smoother.

I was getting intermittent loss of connectivity to the router for 4-6 seconds. Then all of a sudden I couldn't connect to the Internet at all. I reset the bridge and went through the same setup as I had previously done to no avail.

If anyone else is having issues, I would recommend testing different wireless channel settings as Ondart described. It seemed to have been the culprit in my case. I'll keep you guys posted though if I continue to have any issues. Crossing my fingers though! Smiley Happy

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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

I have been reading about this pretty much everywhere - reviews, etc.

There's something up with the firmware - no matter what I do or how I configure the repeater, it drops internet connection yet when I connect directly to the router, internet connection is fine.

anyone solved this with confidence yet? i gather we need a firmware update but short of filing a lawsuit for faulty product release, not sure how to proceed.
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

Mine is doing the same things everyone else is talking about. I tried the auto-channel, hard-setting the channel, dynamic IP (with reservation), hard-setting the IP. It stays running for a little while and then you can't ping it any longer and the computers behind it can't be pinged. Reboot the repeater and all is happy again. I have a separate 54g wireless network on different channels that is working flawlessly.

This thing may work for certain people under certain conditions, but being a 13-year I.T. veteran, I have no idea why thing thing keeps's going back to Fry's tomorrow and I'm looking for another product. This is only the second Netgear product I've ever been disappointed with (the other was a home-user router). However, the other products are all SMB products. You have to spend the extra money for the SMB to get a working product? Netgear can't make HOME equipment function properly?
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

For me the same difficulties: the connection gets lost after some time. The light gets red and I have to switch the WN2000RPT off and on again.
This may happen after 1 hour or after 3 or 4 hours. I have no idea why.
It seems that the problem occurs more often than some weeks ago. Very frustrating.
The router is configured with DHCP off, IP is, Gateway and DNS Server both
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

Just wanted to add my voice (of frustration) to the rest of yours. Having the same problem with the extender dropping the connection to the router.

Will try suggestions in this post, but NETGEAR is loosing points on the "Customer Satisfaction brings Return Business" meter every minute this problem persists without a response from them. :mad:
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

I just wanted to let Netgear support know that this problem is happening to many people, myself included.

I am experiencing the same problem as everyone else, the Netgear Range Extender keeps dropping the Internet connection to the main Netgear WNR1000v2 router and never recovers without having to power off and on the Extender.

At first Netgear tech support blamed my 2Wires modem as the cause of the problem. So I bought the new Netgear WNR1000v2 main router so it would not have this issue. It would now be a Netgear product talking to a Netgear product.

Purchasing that new Netgear WNR1000v2 router did not fix the problem, some how I am not surprised.

On my 2nd call to tech support they told me to keep my main Netgear router on channel 11, which I did.

It took about 1 more day to fail, anyone surprised?

On my 3rd call to tech support they said it was due to me using WPA-PSK security instead of WEP only security.

I switched it to WEP security and guess what? 1 day later my connection from the Netgear Range Extender to main Netgear router failed again.

On my 4th call to tech support they could only suggestion to send the router back for a replacement, but after reading this forum thread, it's been tried before and still the same problem. Another words it's not the solution.

I have tried moving the Netgear Range Extender the following distance from the main Netgear router.

5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 28 feet, and finally 35 feet away. In all cases it took less than 1 day for the Netgear Range Extender to fail and stop communicating to the main Netgear router.

Just to let everyone else know, there is a new firmware update available for the Netgear Range extender, but you have to manually download from the Netgear website. The modem it self was doing it's own firmware check, but never found it.

I am running firmware version V1.0.1.20NA
GUI Language version V1.0.0.29

Let me know if anyone has found a fix for this, everything suggested in this thread has not worked for me.

The only way to get my Netgear Range Extender WN2000RPT talking to my main Netgear Router WNR1000v2 router again is to power it off and on again.

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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

Interesting.... I'm having similar problems with WNDAP350's. They turn off their radios dropping all connections, then later on they turn them back on. In my case I found that they erroneously decide they are no longer connected to the network, then later on they find out that they are. And, the problem gets worse (off and on more frequently) the more connections they have. It's a firmware issue that hasn't been resolved. I have no idea if the WN2000RPT periodically checks to see if it's connected to a network, but maybe it does.
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

Same thing has been happening to me for a month I am on your 2nd Call stage with support, I have not had the energy to phone them back up again to be told do do something that obviously will not fix it.. the product does not work...... I was told at one stage it was because I had a cordless phone!!! Come on Netgear... get your finger out!!!
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

I had the same problem as you all seem to have with this product, however I did something recently that, for some reason, seems to have helped.
Let me explain what I did.
I lost connection to my WN2000RPT like I have so many times previously and started going through stuff. While doings so, my wife had no or sporadic access to the internet from her iPhone and with work stuff going on she couldn't be without internet while I was tinkering. So I set up a 802.11g guest network for her to use while I was playing around with the main network. This is where it gets really interesting - Immediately after doing this (I'm talking seconds here) the WN2000RPT came online with a stronger signal than ever before and have stayed online ever since with no interruptions so far. Not only that, but the connection speed far exceeds everything I've had so far between the two. Checking the connection details confirms that everything still is connected to the main network with the exception of the iPhone now being served solely by the 802.11g guest network.
I can't help to think that this might have something to do with the iPhone.
I doubt it has anything to do with apple talk being the culprit as I also run iPad's and iPod's on the main network with no interference.

My suggestion is to exclude iPhone's if you have them on the network with the WN2000RPT or linked to the same network. Try disconnecting the wifi completely or even power off the phone.
I'm not saying it will work, but I thought it might be worth trying in lack of response from Netgear in regards to the issue.

My network consist of the following:
Netgear DGND3300 (Main router)
Netgear WN2000RPT (AP and secondary DHCP with static IP)
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Re: WN2000RPT - Internet Access Keeps Dropping

Good to know I am not alone. It has been the same for the 2 weeks I have had it. I use the unit with a Samsung Nexus S. I have no difficulty obtaining an IP address from the main router which is the SuperHub from Virgin media (Netgear CG 3101D) or any other wireless source. When the unit works it gives excellent coverage. Every time my Samsung powers up it tries to obtain a new IP address then gives up until I reboot the unit. It then gets a new IP address every time. It then loses contact and the whole procedure starts again. It has worked its way through 50 IP addresses in less than a week.
I rebooted the SuperHub then rebooted the unit. It started again at IP address 5 and is now at 29 in two days. This is obviously not right.
I am no expert and the suggested solutions seem unnecessarily complex for a "plug and play" piece of kit.

Come on Netgear... SORT IT!!!

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