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WNCE2001 Can't Connect via WPS

I have a Netgear Router with WPS as well as the WNCE2001. The directions for the WNCE state to wait until you have solid green power led and then push the WPS button. You will get a led that blinks from green to amber. From that point you are to push the WPS button on the Netgear router and then you should see a solid green led on the WNCE that will light up for 5 seconds. Mine never does this - eventually the green/amber light will stop blinking and the Wireless light will show red. Any suggestions?
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Re: WNCE2001 Can't Connect via WPS

I want to know first why would you want to connect via WPS?
it takes a valid connection to communicate
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Re: WNCE2001 Can't Connect via WPS

I cant help you with your problem as I have the same difficulty and would be pleased if you have had success and can help me.
Also I cant find how to post an original message on this forum. How did you manage to do that?
Mark Firkins
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