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D6200 Download speed problems

Hi, I've just installed a D6200 to replace my existing router which has died (tp-link n adsl2+) However since installing this i have lost my download speed. I used to have no problem with youtube or the ps3 but now with this router it takes ages to download a 3 min youtube video and then it still plays intermitently. I had thought that this new netgear router would have the same ability to download as the tp-link.

Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this? as reading email etc is all perfectly fine but i can not stand the download time, this product may have to go back if there's no fix for it.
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Re: D6200 Download speed problems

Some update?
I have buy a D6200 netgear router and I've updated the firmware version ( V. ),
but my download speed ( with ethernet cable ) is too slow.
I have a Tiscali ADSL 10Mbit/1Mbit but every speed test says: ~ 3Mbit ....

Could you help me?

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Re: D6200 Download speed problems

Try reducing your MTU size base on the required MTU size of your ISP. Here is the link on to configure it.
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