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MBR1210 Transmit Power to External Antenna

I have the Netgear MBR1210 Mobile Broadband Wireless Router. To obtain the 3G HSPA Internet connection from Bell Canada I have a 14dB gain Yagi external antenna connected to the Router's R-TNC external antenna connector. I am in a rural area, and the rf signal path from my antenna to Bell's Cell Tower is not line-of-sight. The signal to/from the cell tower is weak, and I wish to install an external amplifier between Router and my antenna to improve communication.

The weakest link is the transmitted upload power from Router through to the Cell Tower. To permit me to select an appropriate amplifier, can anyone tell me what is the Router's specified transmit (upload) power in milliwatts or dbm at it's R-TNC external antenna connector, for each of the two frequency bands 824-894 Mhz, and 1850-1990 Mhz.

The personnel that I have been in contact with at Bell do not have this information. Any assistance on this is certainly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: MBR1210 Transmit Power to External Antenna

that is USB done side so I would say your cell people should able to help you out better .

these are pretty good device to gain more signal
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