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New Router Won't Allow Some Programs to Internet

I'm a novice to this, and maybe in the wrong place, but I just installed my WGR614NA wireless router to my computer so that I could get wi-fi for my phone.

I can get AOL to connect to the Internet, normally-- for AOL-- but I can't get Firefox to be allowed to go to web sites. I don't know what setting I need to change, or even where, so that Firefox can do it. I'm using Windows XP Professional 64-bit operating system with Avast! as my antivirus software.

Although I'm pretty adept at computers, I am not in wireless routers, and, although I'm pretty sure just a setting has to be changed, somewhere, I have no idea where. Please help.
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Re: New Router Won't Allow Some Programs to Internet

lower MTU value in the router under WAN setup

1400-1500 is range.. NO fixed value. test by lowering 10 at a time
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