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(not) Magic Jack won't work with WNDR4300

I've concluded that our Magic Jack Plus (MJ+) -- a VoIP product for making landline calls over the internet -- isn't compatible with modern routers. :-( So I'm wondering whether the following config is safe -- opening up a DMZ for MJ+ and turning on DHCP on our DSL modem -- any recommendations would be appreciated.

Here's the detail: We have an older Actiontec DSL modem that just handles packets in front of the WNDR4300 which handles DHCP and serves as a wireless AP. No matter how I configure the WNDR4300 (port forwarding, IP address reservation), the bloody Magic Jack won't function and keeps throwing a "can't see the internet error" -- although everything else can. Final conclusion is that it just doesn’t work with this faster, modern router (lots of issues on this on the MJ+ support forums).

I did get it to work by putting it in a DMZ off of the DSL modem; to do so I had to turn on DHCP on the DSL modem (and because there is no way for me to assign it a reserved IP address – I made the DHCP a scope of one and used it in the DMZ settings). So the DSL modem is, the Magic Jack is and the Router is (statically assigned in its settings).

So the question: is this config safe? I’m not too worried about anyone hacking the Magic Jack – they really can’t go beyond it as it’s a fairly simple VoIP device. I hate turning on DHCP on the DSL modem … but its only issuing one IP address (for the Magic Jack …)

Would you have any concerns? Or other recommendations to configure?

Thanks !

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Re: (not) Magic Jack won't work with WNDR4300

Judging from your previous post and the ip addresses shown, your Actiontec DSL modem is a modem/router, which then has a Netgear router daisychained off of it - a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

Yes, lots of people do it, and get away with it, until they need somenthing more than basic internet access, and then it bites them - I'm not going to tell you that all the folks with issues like yours on the MJ+ forums have the same problem, instead I'm going to ask you, don't you wonder?

My first suggestion to you is that you find out how to put your Actiontek in "bridge" mode, so that it does not act as a router.

My second suggestion to you is that you use the Actiontek as your router and configure the Netgear to run as a wireless access point.

Oh - I don't understand why you wouldn't be able to assign your MJ+ a reserved ip (unless the Actiontek is so primitive that it doesn't allow DHCP reservations), I certainly have no problems reserving an ip for my MJ+

Yes - the config is safe - until you choose to get a little more creative with your network and the "dual NAT" configuration bites you again.

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Re: (not) Magic Jack won't work with WNDR4300

I have two MagicJacks + and both work fine without having to do anything other than plugging them in.

List of routers that I have tested.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: (not) Magic Jack won't work with WNDR4300

Hi guys,
Thanks for the quick responses:
Fordem: So initially the Actiontec DSL router handled the packet xfer and handshake with my ISP -- a Linksys router daisychained off that handled everything else. Both are pretty old (Actiontec was first available off Amazon in '04!!!) -- The MJ+ plugged into the Linksys like a charm and all was good. However last couple of weeks the Linksys was dying -- our network got real slow and I could see that our network traffic was getting bottlenecked at the Linksys so I bought the Netgear and we were back up to near 7mbps -- our contracted line speed. But ... MJ+ wouldn't work kept giving "error 23" or "error 3002" -- which is "cannot find internet connection" error with Netgear. Hence, my funky config with the DMZ. :-(

I was going to get an all-in-on DSL modem/router/wireless AP but was convinced by a salesperson that it was better to spread the load between devices so that one device's CPU doesn't get overloaded doing everything. Curiously, standalone DSL modems have not evolved since ~2006 -- my actiontec is still available on Amazon etc.

I can put the Actiontec into bridge mode -- but I'm not sure that would get me anywhere as I'd still have to plug the MJ+ into the Netgear router which it refuses to work with.

I could configure the Actiontec as a router (doing DHCP, etc) but figured that a circa 2007 router probably has a wimper CPU than a 2013 Netgear router/AP. So I figured I'd go with the beefier hardware. No?

And no, I've scoured the interface of the Actiontec and there does not appear to be a facility for assigning a static IP for a MAC addresss (device) ... curious, no?

Interesting. Looking specifically at the model numbers you'd think that my WNDR4300 fall right between two of the Netgear devices you tested. If I hadn't gotten it to run in DMZ mode -- I'd say a subcomponent of the MJ+ had failed ... but it works fine in DMZ mode.

Any other suggestions guys?

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Re: (not) Magic Jack won't work with WNDR4300

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