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PTV 1000 doesn't want to connect

Hi everyone!
I encountered a problem recently with my PTV 1000. I bought a TV Samsung UE37D6000 and I connected PTV to it thru HDMI and connected to it with my Toshiba E205 where the software for PTV was installed. Everything worked well. The next day I turned on the PTV box and the red light was on. I tried to search for adapters and nothing... I guess that the problem is not in the TV, since when I push HDMI on the remote, it gives me a blue screen with PTV Netgear. I realized that the control light on PTV box stays red and never turns orange or green as before. I scanned like 100 times, moved the laptop around, restarted PTV, restarted laptop and even downloaded the newest software and nothing worked. I don't know why it worked the first time and now it doesn't... I am totally hopeless. Can anyone help?
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