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WNDR3400 Readyshare issue

DESPERATE TO RESOLVE. I have three W7 pcs connected wirelessly on "work" network. One can SUDDENLY not access the usb storage device attached to the router. all network settings are correct. all networked pcs see my computer, I see them. the other two machines see "readyshare" under netwrk devices in addition to my computer AND they can access the usb storage (a Seagate hd). I cannot find a "readyshare" file on my computer any longer. my shortcut says the target box is empty and I get other messages regarding the path. \\readyshare is not in existence on my machine any longer. I cannot download it as it says it cannot access the device?? (or maybe it says path). This all occurred immediately following a day when I was copying files to the drive. I assume I corrupted/deleted a file of some type. I used system restore to bring back all prior to the date with no luck. How can I find what is missing and replace it?

I have reviewed router settings a the login. I have reviewed firewall and every other Windows based option on my computer - nothing. I guess it has to be missing files but..what?
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