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‎2019-02-11 06:30 PM - edited ‎2019-02-11 06:36 PM
Attached are some photos of my setup. This is my first "professional" setup. The setup we previously used was just a router and small unmanaged switch sitting on a filing cabinet.

I didn't rack mount the BR500 because the ethernet ports would be front facing and the WAN cable was already patched in. It doesn't look as clean but still works. I use lan 1 for my switch connection, lan 2 for connecting a laptop, lan 3 for my Philips Hue hub, and lan 4 for my Lutron hub

Most of our phones are POE so they're on the 24p POE Switch and most of the traditional PC data drops go into the 52p switch. Our building isn't at capacity so many ports aren't used.

I used different color cabling to differentiate tenants.

Any feedback on my setup would be very welcome.

**I can't figure out how to add multiple photos so just 1 is attached