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!!!!!WIFI incorrect password SOLVED!!!!

I have searhed for this solution for over a year.  not one post was even close to a solution.



when connecting to wifi the device reports an incorrect password. 



I have done a lot of testing and can reproduce this error every time.

I have been able to reproduce this issue in router mode and AP mode.

these things all failed

  • changing password on router and device
  • factory resetting device
  • using a working ios device to setup a new ios device
  • trying to attach a device that was brand new to the network
  • factory reset router and re configure.



The simple solution to this is uncheck Enable Smart Connect. When this is enabled its hit or miss on a working WiFi.



if you connect all your devices to 1 SSID and then enable this function the devices will stay connected.  if you reset your wifi connection the device will prompt for incorrect password again. I have seen posts about this issue on all different router versions so i beleive this is an issue with any NetGear router that supports the Smart Connect feature.


having solved this issue for you NetGear now fix the problem.  it appears that this has gone on for years and nobody has fixed it yet.


My router is a NetGear X6 R8000.  its an older model but i dont belive this is a model specific issue.





Who Me Too'd this topic