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Phillips Hue Bridge RED LIGHT on XR500

Hello, owner of the XR500 for 5 months now (Damn). I just bought Phillips hue bridge + bulbs from Prime Day (Weee $450~), I tried to connect the bridge to my phone but failed. I've read other posts that other people are having the same problem. But I have one difference so far that the Ethernet led turns red.

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  6. Using the work around that was mentioned in another post, booting up my old tp-link router and connected the hue on it and it works ;l

My router is on Router mode using PPoE for Centurylink. Latest firmware. Port forward 3000 with statc ip did not work. 

Apparently this has been a problem for a year and starting to regret buying the XR500 due to a problem with a webserver proxy (separate problem and had to do another work around) and now problem with Phillips Hue Bridge ;l


Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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