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After upgrading to a new router, I had trouble getting my extender to work. I tried the online setup and went to the website in the manual. From there ended up at main Netgear support website and a chat window opened asking me what problem they could help me with. I described the issue and was told that a tech guy would call me back. Eventually they did call and asked for a screen sharing session.....they told me that the reason why my extender can't work is because 35 devised are connected to my network...hmmmmm strange. Eventually they said that  they could help me getting rid of all the intruders but that I would have to purchase a third company network firewall product from Eqosoft, lifetime membership would cost $300. I said that it felt a little strange to ask support for an extender that maybe cost $20 bugs and then end up with having to pay $300 to resolve revere hacker threats. I said that I would need to research that company first and check reviews etc...No reviews available. Eqosoft exists since 2020 it seems. I made some more research and ended up being convinced that it all was a scam!!


Here is the info they gave me to call back should I decide to have them help me with my issue and spend money on Eqosoft:

Netgear support:


Case ID: JT71001

Tech Name: Jeremy Thomas (strange name for a guy with a heavy Indian accent!)

Things to do

1. Block out all unsolicited incoming traffic and unauthorized IP's 



Netgear: It has been difficult to get support to say the least or find a better platform to inform you about what is happing on your support site for some of us (or face sites)


I felt it is my responsibility to share this.


My extender is still not working of course and I have given up on trying to find answers from netgear's support website.

May this little tale help others to avoid beeing ripped off!






Model: EX2700|N300 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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