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Red dot next torouter , app says internet:offline , cant access Orbi admin page , aps not loading.

Hey everyone


Today i installed my new orbi mesh router and after i set it up and i get my full speed through out the house and no problems on any devices so far then i noticed that next to the router in the Orbi app there was a red dot and next to the extenders there where green dots , i also noticed that in the app it says "internet: not available" this is not all. When i try to accesss the admin login page on google or firefox it says "To avoid a conflict with your Internet service provider, your Orbi router's IP address was updated to " and then im unable to do anything. On my iphone some of the apps eg. tiktok and blackboard arent loading anything altough i can play video games and watch youtube aswell as netflix.


This is a hell of a load of problems for a brand new expensive router 


Please help me if you are able

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
Who Me Too'd this topic