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WPA3 on Orbi RBK752?

I ordered an Orbi RBK752 this morning, which has WiFi 6 support and appears to be a newish product. (It's new enough that it won't accept this model # in the "Model" field when creating this post). But despite being new and (hopefully) awesomely fast, the product docs only list that it has WPA2/802.11i support. WPA3 has been out for a couple years, so this was something I overlooked when researching the product. I just ASSUMED that if it supported WiFi 6, it would also have WPA3.


C'mon, NetGear! WPA2 is ancient in tech years. It's unforgiveable for a $450 (or $700) new product to be missing WPA3.


Searching around, it looks like there may be some WPA3 support in newer firmware - perhaps with bugs, but if that's the case I would assume the bugs will be fixed, and WPA3 will be arriving without needing to buy a new product.


If this is not the case, I may have to return the Orbi after it arrives and keep shopping... 😞


If anyone has any info on WPA3 support in these newer products, I'd love to hear about it.





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