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MK62 Networks not seen by Lenovo with Realtek RTL8188CE NIC

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 All-in-One connected to a competitors router yesterday.

Set up MK62 mesh last night and 28 of 29 devices came online without problem except for the Lenovo ALl-in_one desktop.

Can 'see' all the other networks (my wireless printer, my neighbor's wireless network) except for my own!

Tried updating drivers for Realtek RTL8188CE to no avail.

I've seen one other post on something similar without resolution.

I have medium networking experience - any help/suggestions appreciated.

BTW it will connect 'wired' no issues.

LIkely has something to do with 'wireless network channel/compatibility' but poking around the setup haven't seen anything.



Who Me Too'd this topic