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Orbi Satellite - one computer has no internet, all others fine

I have an Orbi RBR50 running in Access Point mode. I have about 15 connected devices in my home, usually with about half connected to the main router and half connected to the satellite. All devices work fine with the exception of my work computer (we'll call him "HP"). HP is closest to the satellite and thus typically connects to it; however, it's the only device in my household that says "Connect, No Internet" when connected. The only solution is to unplug the satellite, at which point HP instantly starts working.


This has me stumped because all my other devices work totally fine when connected to the satellite.


The one difference is that HP is a corporate device and uses Zscaler Private Access cloud-based security services. Could there be something there that's preventing the device from access the internet when it's connected to the satellite (i.e. could it think the satellite is spoofing my WiFi?) or are there any other suggestions to look into that might be within my control at home?



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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