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Surface Pro won't connect to strongest Orbi access point

I recently installed an Orbi RBK23 in my house (4000 square feet). I have three access points connected with wired backhaul. It works very well for most devices. The exception is my Surface Pro 4. At first, it simply refused to connect at 5 GHz, even if I set the wifi adapter to use only the 5 GHz band. I fixed this by going into the Orbi settings and reducing the strength of the 2.4 Ghz signal to 25%. (I wish there were a way to turn if off completely.)


The remaining problem is that when I move from room to room, the Surface takes a long time to connect to a stronger signal. Disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't work; the Surface insists on waiting a few minutes before deciding to connect to the stronger signal. After disconnecting, the list of wifi networks shows a full 4 bars for the Orbi network - but when I re-connect to it, it goes down to just 1 bar (so it's connecting to the farther access point even though it knows there's a much stronger signal closeby).


Is there a solution to this?

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