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RAX75 firmware broke HomeKit

I've been using my Nighthawk RAX75 (the Cosco version of the RAX80) for several months, configured with SmartConnect without any major issues with HomeKit.


A few days ago almost all of my 40+ HomeKit WiFi-enabled devices stopped connecting. The ones with bluetooth didn't have issues. I have an HomePod, an iPad and 2 AppleTVs used as hubs. I tried to shut down all the hubs one-by-one leaving just one of them on to troubleshoot them, but it did not help.


The only thing that solves the problems is to disable the SmartConnect, and disable/rename the 5G band so that my Apple devices used as hubs do not connect to it, leaving just the 2.4G band. As soon as I do that within a minute all HomeKit devices come back online.


I just noticed that firmware V1.0.3.88 was released a few days ago, and that my router auto-updated to it. I'm 99% certain this firmware broke HomeKit. Disabling SmartConnect and using different bands for 2.4G/5G is NOT an option as the minute I connect one of my apple devices to 5G, the password will propagate to all my other iOS devices automatically so the ipad/homepod/appletv will immediately start using 5G and HomeKit breaks again.


I will try to downgrade to firmware to see if that fixes everything. Anyone else with this problem?

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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