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RAX120 Internet drops on iPhone

Hi all - I am having an annoying issue with my RAX120 that I really hope you can help me fix!  A few times per day, I lose internet connectivity on my iPhone, until I toggle the wifi on and off, which makes it start working again.  Interestingly, the wifi signal strength on the phone always shows full strength when it happens, but there is no internet access. However, I CAN still connect to when it happens so I know the connection to the router is good.     

This also happens to other family members' iPhones as well, but not to other devices in the house (laptops, IOT devices, Roku, etc. never have this issue that I can tell).   It happens at different times during the day with no discernable patterns.   When it happens to me, I can walk around the house and see that other devices are still streaming video or otherwise working just fine.

I have AX enabled and SmartConnect.  I have tried pin-hole rebooting several times.  I am on .122 firmware.  I have disabled Armor.  I have tried both DHCP and manually setting IP address.  I have tried both my ISP provider's DNS settings and also tried I am using a very basic router configuration and not using VPN, Access Control, QoS, or USB devices.

Because I can still reach when it happens it makes me believe this is a bug with the router, but its strange that it only seems to affect iPhone devices.  

When I look in the router logs, all I see is the device reconnecting after I toggle the device wifi on/off.  If there was a way to enable more detail logging on the router maybe I could get some more clues but I dont know how to do that.

I really want to love this router, but this is extremely annoying!  Sometimes my phone will drop calls in mid-sentence because the phone was using WiFi calling and the internet cuts out mid-call, which is not good for work!

Thanks for any help with this problem.



Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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