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Orbi RBR850 IP Address reservations and DHCP address range

Im looking for direction related to using address reservations, and how to set the DHCP address range.  I have an Orbi RBR850 and 2 satellites RBS850, a Synology NAS, and about 20 other devices attached.(Laptops, iphones, Directv, etc.).


Assuming all devices are setup for DHCP and not fixed IP:


1) Should I set the IP address range for DHCP to start at, and reserve IP addresses for NAS and other critical devices between and, or does the DHCP range need to include the all of the IP addresss including the reserved IP addresses?


2) Should the Orbi satellites receive reserved IP addresses?


3) Does it matter if devices on reserved IP addresses are plugged into an Orbi  satellite in some circumstances?

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