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Nighthawk app using same SSID for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz - Error: SSID name is already being used

I wanted to set the SSID of my 2.4Ghz network to match the SSID on my 5Ghz network - both on the same router/cable modem. I tried doing this in the Nighthawk app but it kept giving me the error "The SSID name is already being used" when I tried to use the same name for the second network. There doesn't seem to be a way to get around this error in the Nighthawk app.


I had to use the genie software on the router itself by logging into the router. The genie software can be accessed by entering the router IP address into the browser while attached wirelessly or via ethernet to the router. This allowed me to log into the Netgear genie app and change both to the same name.


I'm posting this because I wasn't able to find a resolution to this problem elsewhere in the forums.


Interestingly, I am unable to do this for the guest network in the same genie software. It gives me the error "2.4G and 5G have the same SSID" and won't allow the same name to be used. If anyone knows why Netgear does this when using the same SSID is so helpful, please reply. If someone from Netgear reads this, please have the company change the Nighthawk app and genie software to allow using the same SSID for both the standard and guest networks.

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