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CM1150V Downlink Light Flashing

My CM-1150V Cable Modem has in issue where the downlink light starts flashing, but everything is working correctly.  The modem status shows no issues.


When this happens, I've received two CM-STATUS messages, both for channel 48:  CM-STATUS Event type code 20, and Event type code 22.   Documentation for these events (Cable labs doc) show event 20 is Next Codeword Pointer (NCP) Profile Failure, and event 22 is NCP Profile Recovery.   


I believe that event 22 should stop the downlink light from flashing, but it isn't. 


Can Netgear confirm that this is the case?  My CM-1150V is using firmware version V2.02.04.



Model: CM1150V|DOCSIS 3.1 Nighthawk® Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem for XFINITY® Voice
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