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@stein97 wrote:

I have RBR750 with latest firmware.


Few questions on DHCP:


DHCP Lease time, how long is it?

Does everyone make reservations for all thier devices?

After I add a reservation do I need to hit apply and reboot the router or does the reservation take effect?


I realize that I cannot change the DNS ip on the DHCP as this would defeat the purpose of the Netgear Armour feature.






You can use the default DHCP lease time with no problem. The Orbi  usually uses the same IP address for the device, once registering it. 

Some people make IP reservations, others don't. My practice is I make reservations for cameras, some gaming systems and troubled PCs, that keep wanting to default to a Microsoft 69 IP address. 

Follow the instructions when adding an IP reservation. The Orbi will reboot if needed.

I don't use Armor, as I feel it slows down the system. I prefer to apply protection to each device that needes it. Primarily working with Windows OS, I use Windows Security as it is as good as anything on the market, rarely gives false positives, and is updated more often than most 3rd party protection. Of course businness environments may be a different situation. 

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