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Intermittent DNS lookup failures on RBR850

Intermittent DNS lookup failures RBR850
I've been using the Orbi RBR850 for several months now and I'm constantly having issues with DNS that I've NEVER experienced with any other router I've ever used including several Netgear products.


I'm currently running the most recent version fo the firmware V3.2.16.6_1.4.4


I'm using openDNS servers for DNS look up as well.


The issue occurs on every machine on my network (Linux, Mac, Windows, Chromebook) which are all using the router for DNS lookups.


The error pages produced by the web browser vary but every once in a while, I'll see an error along the lines of




I cannot seem to reproduce the problem via nslookup or dig but it does consistently (intermittently) happen via all major web browser software I use.


Is anyone else having this issue and know of a solution?    The chromebooks are particularily sensitive to it and in ALL scenarios it will eventually work without any type of intervention / configuration changes etc.    It's almost like an issue with the caching mechanism used by the router?


Please help!   This is the most money I've ever spent on a router and I really don't know what I've paid the extra money for if not better support / software.    Wifi 6 and mesh is good and all but it's the same old software Netgear has been using for eons.


I'm pretty annoyed that Netgear official support sputters out after a measely 90 days as well...



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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