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Can't access mywifiext

Hi guys, I'm suddenly unable to connect to mywifiext. When I go to the url while connected to my extender, whether with wifi or ethernet, it says that I am not connected to my extender's network. When I try the default IP and the IP assigned by my routher, the page times out. When I reset the extender I WAS able to access the site, but as soon as I get to the "check this box once you have connected to your extender's wifi" page and click the continue button, it just times out again and I can no longer access the website. I have tried three different browsers and I get the same result. I have also tried assigning a static IP and subnet mask. I am completely out of ideas at this point so any input would be extremely welcome. Thanks!

Model: EX6200|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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