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Re: Routerlogin.net certificate “not trusted”

Questions about the Orbi "app" usually get a more informed response if posted in the forum specifically for the app:


It's not that we don't care or want to help.

The simple fact is that most of the people who participate in this forum use the web interface and have little experience with the "app".


Second, yes, the Orbi SSL certificate cannot be "trusted" because it is self-signed. (not from a "Certificate Authority")

Over a year ago (August 2019) the certificates that Netgear had registered for a bunch of internet domains (routerlogin.net, orbilogin.com, orbilogin.net, etc.) expired and were not renewed.  As far as I know, there has never been an explanation.  Perhaps Netgear forgot to renew them.  Perhaps the Certifiate Authorities said, "nothing doing".  After all, these certifiates are not protecting a Netgear web server.  They are protecting thousands of web servers owned by thousands of random people.  Anyway, after months of fussing with the problem, Netgear created "self-signed" SSL certificates for orbilogin.com, orbilogin.net, routerlogin.net, etc.


About this time, web browsers became conditioned to avoid "http" web sites and seek out "https" web sites instead.  So, the user types in "http://orbilogin.net" and the browser says, "hmmm.  wonder if there is an httpS://orbilogin.net?  That would be 'secure'.  Look, there IS one.  Oh, rats, it has an SSL certificate that is self-signed and cannot be trusted."


Whew.  Sorry.  Just ignore the message.

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