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'Can't find server' errors with ORBI 753

I’m having some Internet issues with a newly installed Orbi RBK753 system, and haven’t been able to figure out how to solve them. What happens is that I will quite often get a “Safari can’t connect to the server” message when opening a web site, and also the occasional email message with a “?” icon where the jpeg/png or other attachment should be.


My original network setup was a Netgear DM111P ADSL modem/router configured in a modem only mode, connected to an Apple Airport router/WiFi, with a SecureFi Almond as a WiFi extender. Not great coverage, but a solid Internet connection with no issues whatsoever.


I replaced this setup with an Orbi 753 system, with the Orbi Router connected to the Netgear modem upstairs, a satellite on the main floor, and the second satellite in the basement. Coverage for this configuration is excellent, and moving throughout the house results in seamless connectivity as I would have expected. The issue is that although local WiFi coverage is great, I keep getting occasional errors from Internet sites. Sometimes web data will load, while other time it will not. If I keep reloading a web site the data will usually appear, but sometimes this takes multiple attempts spread over an hour or so. This happens on multiple computers, so it’s an Orbi issue, not a computer specific one. It’s definitely related to the Orbi, since if I disconnect the Orbi system and revert to the Apple/SecurFi setup, things work great (albeit with low coverage).


I’ve flushed DNS cache on the computers and also tried several different DNS providers, and the problem persists. I’ve also rebooted the modem and Orbi system with no change in the symptoms. I really hate to return the Orbi system since the coverage and speeds are outstanding, but the constant “server not found” errors make the system somewhat unusable. It appears to be DNS related, but could also be due to some other data related dropout.


I’ve gone over all the setup parameters and they all look good (most are the defaults) and can’t figure out what to try. Any idea as to what I might try to either fix the issue or isolate the problem?

Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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