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RBR750 internet works(*) but unable to access Web UI or via phone app.

After some months of use my system has been actiting flaky.  We typically notice it b/c throughput drops (streaming that normally is not a problem starts to have issues and we see pauses).  I then try to connect to the router using my iPhone app and I can't connect to it.  Connecting via Connectanywhere is hit or miss but if I keep trying it will at least "see" my product and usually it will eventually connect via the phone app (I get the check mark with a green light "connected Via Anywhere Access) But often it takes multiple attempts and even when it does see my router the message is that my device is "offline".  And the app says there are issues connecting to my wifi network.  I also can not connect to it from a computer (wired or wireless) although the IP address of the router does respond to pings.  


Normally a reboot fixes the issue for a few days or a week or so then back to this.  This just started happening the last few weeks.  Updated this once when I first got it awhile back and that's it.  I just had to do it again a few minutes ago and this info I grabbed right after I hard power cycled it.


Hardware VersionRBR750
Firmware VersionV3.2.16.6_1.4.4
GUI Language VersionV3.0.0.49_2.1.30.3


IP Address76.114.43.187
Subnet Mask255.255.252.0
Default Gateway76.114.40.1
DHCP Server76.96.19.196 
DNS Server172.64.36.1
Lease Obtained3 days,9 Hours,53 Minutes
Lease Expires3 days,9 Hours,52 Minutes
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