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Nighthawk mesh MR60 - devices that require 2.4 GHz connection

Please be patient and descriptive in your replies, I pick things up pretty quickly but am far from a network engineer. 

I upgraded my entire network when the pandemic lockdown started due to my entire family working/schooling from home.  I had a slow cable internet and a 2nd generation Apple airport. I upgraded to 1G fiberoptic internet and bought the Nighthawk Mesh router and satellite.  I have loved the system, and actually bought 2 more satellites to hit the hard to reach areas of my home (which because of the metal lathe plaster walls is a challenge for all wireless communication).


The only issue I've had has come to light recently, with daylight savings time coming to an end.  I had purchased 3 WiFi controlled outlets (connected to my old router) that I love because of the ability to program them to turn on some lamps at different times and weather conditions.  When I switched routers to the new Nighthawk mesh, there was no isssue with these devices at all.  When daylight savings time ended, however, the devices were now coming on an hour earlier than what was programmed.  When I asked the manufacturer's support, I was told to disconnect the devices then reconnect them to fix the problem.  In retrospect, I wish I hadn't.


The devices would not reconnect (they use an app, "Smart Life," to connect and program).  I found out, through another inquiry with their support team, that they only work on 2.4 GHz band and I should connect to that band with my iPhone for a successful setup.  Any other suggestions they had were not available to me with the Netgear routers (for example, setting up two separate named networks, one for 2.4, one for 5 GHz)


Therein lies the rub.  I can't specify which band my phone connects to.  Checking through this forum, it seems that band selection is not a possibility with my new router.


I looked online to see if there were any other WiFi outlets for purchase that do not require 2.4 GHz band, and came up empty. 

Am I out of luck, or is there a work around in the router settings that I can use to help connect these type of devices?  Has any one had success with these types of devices and setting them up?  I was actually getting ready to purchase some wireless doorbell/security cameras, but now am hesitant due to this problem.  I truly feel this is a unfortunate limitation of my otherwise great router that I think Netgear should have been in tune to, or at least, be reacting to now.

Thank you in advance for any replies and help.  


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