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R7800 in AP mode- cannot access web console from another subnet

I set up the R7800 router in Access Point (AP) mode and have given it a static ipaddress.  Also disabled DHCP.

It is connected to my network on a VLAN with subnet ipaddress  From my private subnet with different ipaddresses in the 192.168.1.xxx range, trying to logon to the Netgear R7800 fails with the error message:


404 Not Found

This server does not support the operation requested by your client.


I've searched the internet for this problem and see it has been a problem with just about all Netgear devices firmwares for many years back and to this date nothing has been done to fix it.  It seems that in the Netgear firmwares they coded a module that will not allow a client (like a Windows 10 PC) with a different subnet ipaddress from the R7800 subnet ipaddress to access the web server GUI html.  Login when the Windows PC is on the same subnet ipaddress as the R7800 works fine.


I tried updating to the latest firmwares including Voxel's latest firmware R7800-V1. and the problem still exists.

Is there anyone at Netgear that can finally escalate this issue and get it fixed?

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